Property History

The building was originally built by the Robinson’s in the 1950s. It was then operated as a gas station.

Throughout the years, it has passed hands, each owner giving it their own special touches including a coffee bar.
Terry and Madeline Stonehouse, operated the business as a gas station and restaurant until 1995 when they sold the property to Russell Inns Ltd.
At that time the gas operations ceased and the property was home to a restaurant only for a number of different entrepreneurs.

In 2009 the property was 100% fully renovated and converted into the stunning accommodations you see today.

The Stone Haus features 5 spacious guest rooms, equipped with coffee maker, microwave, mini-fridge, TV and DVD player. Each room has 2 queen size beds, private washroom and private entrance. The common kitchen and laundry facilities are accessible through an interior hallway giving a warm community feel.

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